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Book: What would Google do

Next time you are pondering a business decision, it is worth pondering: what would Google do? I recently read What would Google do? by Jeff Jarvis. This book has less to do with Google, the company, and more to do with the concepts behind its actions. If anything, this book should get the reader to reconsider many viewpoints on business, dealing with customers, and innovation.

He describes various properties the company has, and attributes its success to those — possibly without the necessary evidence. The attributes about the company he describes are fairly well known. Though he does take an interesting approach analyzing what these concepts mean, without really delving sufficiently into research.

There are definitely some valuable points:

  • Think distributed
  • Be a platform
  • Give people the control
  • Middlemen are doomed
  • Atoms are a drag
  • Decide what business you are really in

He explains each of these points, and many more, passionately and concisely. Many successful businesses seem to have similar approaches. This will definitely affect the way i think about business.


My rating: 7/10


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