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DrawBot: 0 – the spark

Neil brought forth the idea of a group robotics project of a drawing robot. There have been quit a few drawing robots in the past, but just because someone else is a painter (or a drawer) doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it too. There are still lots of room for innovation, both artistically and in engineering.

How could we make our’s unique?

  • faster
  • camera attached to make it interactive for events (Maker Expo in mind)
  • use interesting techniques to convert photo to drawing

High level architecture could be a pipeline:

  1. image acquisition
  2. convert image to vectors
  3. convert vectors to strokes
  4. hardware that reads strokes and draws them

This would mean that we would be able to replace steps with minimal impact on other components. Indeed, we could even make multiple robots that sharethe first 3 components.

There are still a lot of questions: what formats t use? g-code? SVG? Something proprietary?


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