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DrawBot: 1 – planning

Their are a few big questions:

What should it draw with?

Pen, paint, spray paint, sand (like zen garden), etc…

What should the overall mechanism be?

  • (r, theta)
  • (x,y) — worm drive or belts
  • H wire axes, sides connected
  • differential tension — weighted spring to accelerate downward motions, friction to surface
  • differential compression
  • rotate surface, multiple pens(8), for raster type images


Chris offered “A large 4×8 drafting table ready to attach stepper motors to.”

Neil suggested that HPGL would be a good format. It is simple, text based, and made for plotters. It turns out that g-code is not very standardized, in that standards are great — everyone should have their own.

Some interesting ideas to make it more unique:

  • Magnetic cart, drive hidden in rear. All power to front is only EM.
  • Double motors or gear switch per axis. One for fast positioning, other for accuracy.

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