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DrawBot 11 – cleanup

After a couple weeks of not being able to work on the project, i’m back at it.

The main things this week are code cleanup and unique filenames for the output.

Filtering based on contour length – gets rid of small noise lines.


New parts

Dave delivered a pile of 3D printed parts! Thanks Dave!


Thoughts on other gondolas:

Polar Drawbot This has many part that are finicky. I’ve never used a 3D printer that would be able to print accurately enough to make it easy to assemble this thing. Though, with a high end lithographic one you might be able to…

Screwless Sharpie Holding Gondola for Drawbot This is great! I’m using it for now until Neil comes up with his own design…


I immediately put on the new spools and gondola:


The¬†drawing looks way better than the “MacGyver” version since the hardware is much more precise. You can actually recognize there are 2 squares, one within the other.

The drawing from my own g-code doesn’t look like much yet… better debug this output. One of the main problems is the lack of pen up / down, as well as lack of route optimization.



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