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Animatronic eyes

There are quite a few animatronic eyes on Thingiverse. Though these only include the stl files, not the original design files. Here’s a sampling:

There are a few problems using these directly for this project. Some thoughts:

  • These aren’t resizeable to the desired dimensions for this creature. The ET one is close.
  • These often add mechanical complexity to save a motor; often the eyes must be the same vertical rotation and the blink happens to both eyes at once. It is desirable for this creation to be able to control these independently; for example, rotating the eyes in opposite directions would give a cartoonish dazed look.
  • The base plate is often 3D printed. It would be easier and more reliable to laser cut this.

We unfortunately lost the design files for our original prototype a few months ago due to a computer failure. So over the past week or so, i’ve been working from scratch to redesign it based on what we know so far…

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