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Book: Raspberry Pi Robotics Projects

This book is more like a basic blog than a project book. It is really targeted at someone who knows nothing about Raspberry Pi, robotics, or programming. The first 60 pages could have been omitted with a reference to a getting started book. Many of the coding example were really screenshots — it seems like the author couldn’t figure out how to embed code examples.

There are a few helpful instructions for audio and speech processing in chapter 3. Maybe i thought this because it is one of the few things in this book i haven’t actually done yet…

The book glosses over most topics of robotics, but doesn’t go into enough details of any of these. For example, it goes over how to hook up robotics legs and make these move; it falls short of even mentioning how to make these move in a useful way (training, inverse kinematics, poses, synchronization, etc).

By chapter 10, it finally mentions some more interesting topics, like ROS.

On the upside, it does introduce a lot of good ideas, products for makers, and links to open source software.

My rating: 4/10


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