Many of these characters should look familiar. They are parodies on some rather well known ones.


Now here's a superhero that can throw his weight around! Too bad not a picogram of that is smarts. It's a good thing he's got other means at collecting intelligence. He does have one secret tool: a tachyon receiver that lets him receive messages from the future!

Although the tachyon particles are predicted to travel backwards through time, it was long discounted that they cannot carry information. Well, this superhero (or at least Q) has discovered the secret.


Perhaps he should get a hair style that is slightly pointier.


A cool, hip math grad student. Who'd'a thunk? Forever having troubles planning classes and tutorials, and getting out of punny situations.


Jo, G! You just a Grammaticalman wannabe, you is.


Jeanluke grew up in a remote jungle where he learned many skills. But, as we'll se it's not until he enrolls in Reticent College that he finds a superhero idol. At this point, he moves into the forest and studies ancient martial arts.

His new found desire for adventure along with his master skills come in handy when encountering the plethora of evils throughout the unknown universe.


Princess Lleah needs to save the universe, but she can't do it alone! She'll be procuring the help of other superheroes along the way.

She come from the far reaches of the universe, where her parents were llama farmers. While she grew up in a remote semi arid mountanous region, she then moved to a heavily forested area to escape the evil empire. Here, she became a powerful leader for our superheroes!


Pam is a p manager. She's never quite sure if that's product, project, or perhaps something else.


Q'ed knows his maths. If anyone gives his trouble, he can reduce them to naught in a poof of logic.

Q'ed has invented the marvelled tachyon communications device. It allows our superheroes to communicate into the past from the future to avoid those sticky situations that would otherwise give an advantage to the villans.


Hey Guy! I'm the RA of Reticent College. I think things are going to be swell, but for some reason, everyone tends to keep to themselves. And that ain't cool, guy.