Thumbnail is a little command line utility written in Java that makes thumbnails from image files. It is public domain.


I looked all over for a simple script that would take image files of any dimension and produce miniature versions with maximum specified dimensions. There didn't seem to be any that did this and were available free. These all seemed to be packaged with inflexible GUIs, or were able to specify a scale factor but not a target size (making different size inputs difficult). So, after half an hour of coding and 5 or so hours of debugging (mostly trying to work around bugs in Java), i can up with this.


Run it from the command line with no arguments and it will display help. Essentially, it is "thumbnail [args] <infile> <outfile>", where args are -size-WWxHH (default is -size=100x100) and -verbose.


Creates a thumbnail:

thumbnail photo.jpg photo-thumbnail.jpg

Creates a 50x50 thumbnail:

thumbnail -size=50x50 photo.jpg photo-thumbnail.jpg

Creates a thumbnail in PNG format:

thumbnail photo.jpg photo-thumbnail.png


Unzip it into a directory and add it to your path.


Version 0.1.0 with source

Requests / Bugs

You get what you pay for; fix it yourself. I may at some point in the future when i get source control set up do something else.