technical info

In case you have trouble view any of my pages, or if you're wondering about some of the design, i've written up a little bit about what's involved.


I usually test things out in MS IE 6. Mozilla should also work somewhat. At any rate, you need a browser that can do CSS 2.0, otherwise things will looked messed.

I've tried my best to get things working in XHTML 1.0.

The pages should look okay through a wireless gateway. In particular the comics are designed to be view this way. This is why they are individual frames.


The following fonts are used. You may want to install them if you don't already have them:

You can find some of these at You might already have them if you installed an office or graphics suite. Since initially authoring a web page, various individuals have produced quite pleasing freely available TrueType fonts; i'm looking forward to using some of these. The general problem with a few of these is that they don't support wide ranges of characters like U+201C and U+201D (LEFT / RIGHT QUATATION MARK). The other problem is that IE requires a proprietary format, and Mozilla no longer supports embeddng; that is more than 85% of clients (search bots are about 10%). Sure, Opera i think i notied supports TrueType but until more persons start using it there isn't much reason to support it.

I use Microsoft WEFT to embed fonts on the web pages. It is the only way currently supported. CSS2 indicates TrueType embedding should work, but IE and Netscape don't support this. It is a real pain to do, and took me several hours to figure out, as the error messages are not good. The best way of working with this utility is to write one dummy web page and CSS, use the font you want, select no subsetting, analyse the document(s), then create an embeded font. Copy it out and rename it to something reasonable (it truncates filenames to arcane DOS style ones). Then, use as described. I'm not yet sure if multiple src definitions can be used (say to support both IE and Opera).


I use both PHP and Java for scripting.

I now use XML quite heavily. Both Saxon and msxsl work quickly and well. This keeps my source very readable, and allows me to perform easy data transformations. I highly recomend trying it if you would benefit from this.


I use as my hosting service, and as my registrar.


Among the tools used are Irfanview, JPEGcrop, and many scripts i have written myself.